Samsung Austin Semiconductor Campus Visit


SAS STEM Academy visits provide an opportunity for STEM students to receive an introduction to semiconductor manufacturing. They will be able to gain insight into the industry by interacting with Engineers and Technicians in the field.

SAS STEM visits are typically 9am-2pm.

Visits Include:

  • Walkthrough of Semicon World and a brief overview of Samsung Austin and its history.
  • Breakfast served during the Samsung Overview and Making a Wafer presentation.
  • A look into the factory (FAB) from the Observation Deck.
  • Tech Talk over lunch with Engineers and Technicians who work at SAS.
  • Time in the Technical Training Room  for the opportunity to learn hands-on with tools used to manufacture wafers in the FAB.
  • Paper circuit activity.
  • FAB Protocol Overview and Smock Race Competition where students learn the requirements of being in the FAB environment.
  • SAS Pathways presentation that goes over internship and hiring opportunities and details.

There is no cost to the school or program for these visits.

Requirements and Limitations

  • 9th-12th Grade (Must be part of a STEM-based program)
  • Student maximum is 25. Please ask your teacher to contact Perry Paikowski ( to discuss larger groups.

Calendar Dates

Please ask your teacher to select Teachers->Samsung Austin Semiconductor Campus Visit->Learn More for further details.


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